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Joe Biden Wrong Pretty Much Always…

Biden’s ineptitude with respect to foreign policy ought to be headlines, he has been so wrong so often that it is mind boggling that he isn’t considered just a snake oil salesman.


His big plan for Iraq was to partition the country into 3 distinct ethnic enclaves, a “Balkanization” if you will.  Never mind the fact that would have left the Sunni population without any access to oil or oil wealth (the Kurds in the North and the Shia in the South have large deposits), the entire proposal was nonsensical and was abruptly repudiated by ALL 3 IRAQI ethnicities.


Since the Democrats live and breath by others’ perception of us, what in the world does Biden say to the fact that 100% of Iraqis HATED his proposal?  A proposal he couldn’t articulate very well to begin with.


Let us not forget the fact that Biden opposed the surge, which speaks volumes of his abilities and strategic acumen.  Allowing Iraq to fall to our enemies would have been a disaster of unmitigated proportions. 

Bush Sr correctly deduced that it was not in our interest for Saddam to control Iraqi and Saudi oil, what does Biden say about Ahmadi Nejad controlling Iranian and Iraqi oil?


Let us also review Biden’s record:

  • He opposed the creation and deployment of the Trident Submarine
  • He opposed the modernization of our strategic forces
  • He opposed the Peacekeeper missile
  • He opposed the B-2 bomber
  • He opposed the deployment of the Pershing Missiles and GLCMs in Europe
  • He was FOR the nuclear freeze (for the West only)
  • He opposed missile defense in all forms
  • He opposed aid to El Salvador when they were fighting against Communist insurrection; aid that lead to a communist defeat.
  • He opposed support to democratic forces fighting against Cubans in Angola; the aid resulted in the departure of the Cubans
  • He opposed supporting anti-Communist forces in Nicaragua

Expert?  He hasn’t been right, ever.  Wrong during the Cold War and wrong during our current war.


Expert indeed.  A monkey could make better decisions with respect to foreign policy than Joe Biden…


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