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Obama on Katrina.

Well, here we go, and Obama has just shown Americans once again he’s inept, bringing up the failures of the Democrat party during Katrina is not a smart move.  Of course, he won’t be called out by the criminal liberal media, so I’m here to help.


Lets review, shall we, the events of Katrina?  Since I lived in a state that was hit by non stop hurricanes from 2004-2005 and assisted with Katrina and Rita relief efforts, I know far more about Katrina than the inexperienced Obama pretends to know.


Katrina hit in late August 2005.   The right band of the storm, the worst part, hit Mississippi and Alabama as a Cat 4 and the left side of the band, the weaker Cat 3 side, was what New Orleans received.  New Orleans survived the storm quite nicely, with minimal damage.  Even the Times Pacayune, the New Orleans local paper, reported as such.


The devastation ravaged upon Mississippi was exponential.  Casinos that dotted the coast were completely destroyed, as well as most structures along Route 90.  My favorite Chicken Wing/Sports Bar in Biloxi and the stores it adjoined disappeared completely from existence.


Most of the structures of New Orleans survived with minimal damage.  For New Orleans, what hurt that city was not the hurricane, but the flooding that came as a result of the levee failures.  They were incapable of handling the water levels that hit it.  A barge smashing into the levee didn’t help, but why that barge was there and not sent away from the vicinity is another clueless decision by local politicians.  The levees were essentially unable to function against the flooding caused in the wake of the hurricane.


There are a host of reasons why the levees were not functional and it has more to do with the politicians of Louisiana and the local residents of New Orleans rather than the Fed.  Whenever the Army Corps of Engineers were provided funds to work on the levees, politicians redirected those efforts for other pork projects.  Even when the Corps were ABLE to work on the levees, local residents, especially from the 9th Ward (ironically), sued the Corps because of the noise.  


But what happened to New Orleans was more a result of state and local leaders and first responders.  In essence, they did not follow their own Emergency Action Plans and were AWOL while the events began to unfold.  The Democrat governor of that state, Blanco, when she saw a Category 5 hurricane aiming for her state, did not issue a mandatory evacuation order.  It is the most basic order, one that my governor, Jeb Bush, issued time and time again.  The Republican governors of Alabama and Mississippi found the time to issue a mandatory evac order.  So too the governor of Texas during Rita.  But not the leadership of New Orleans? 


When the order did come, and some suggest because Bush called the dim bulb and proclaimed “What are you THINKING???” , it was too late.  The Democrat Mayor of that city, when he saw a Category 5 hurricane aim straight for his city, did not issue a mandatory evacuation order.  Probably because the Democrat in Baton Rouge didn’t find it necessary to order him to do so.


The bulk of the blame belongs to Mayor Nagin, who did not bother to follow his own Emergency Action Plans.  He let buses that were supposed to be used to evacuate those without transportation, sit and rot.  He had no follow up plan to help those in trouble due to a loss of electricity and flooding.  He provided no cognizant awareness of how to help those he dumped at the Civic Center nor the Super dome.  He himself operated out of the top floor of a nice hotel off Canal Street until he could relocate to Dallas, TX sometime after the storm.


The first responders then were not police and fire from New Orleans, it was Wal Mart.  The second responder was not police and fire from New Orleans, it was the Federal Government, 3 days later, as the Fed claimed it would take, and came in the form of a National Guard convoy.  They received no assistance from Mayor Nagin, who was shopping for a new Texas Home.


Through the next few days and weeks, it was the Federal Govt that stepped up to help Louisiana, while the Governors of Mississippi and Alabama, who were taking matters into their own hands, did what they were supposed to do and worked recovery actions.  Those governors evacuated their folks and ensured Emergency Action Plans were worked.  Gov Blanco, who can best be described as “deer in the headlights” was catatonic.  She didn’t even have the wherewithal to ask for Federal Assistance, required by law.  Clueless is the accurate term to describe her actions.


Within 5 days of the hurricane, I was sent on contingency orders to 1st Air Force, Tyndall, who owns the Southeastern Region, to help coordinate the Federal response, while the politicians of Louisiana and New Orleans continued to do nothing.


The folks NOT on the scene were the Democrats of Louisiana…Bush was wrongly accused of ineptitude, in fact, his administration performed above and beyond what was required via doctrine, policy, and history.


Louisiana now has a Republican governor and, lo and behold, he’s ordered a mandatory evacuation.  Wow, good call.  Simplicity itself. 


Even Nagin has ordered one, but I’ll bet it is because he got a call  from Baton Rouge, versus using his own reasoning.  He IS a Democrat and we all know how effective they are during a crisis.


Katrina proved that, and that is why Obama ought not to mention Katrina….



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