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McCain the Master

He coaxed Obama into the middle of the field and called in the airstrike. 

Obama’s minions are bellowing about Palin’s lack of experience.  Reading through the blogs and news you find a large amount of material comparing Palin to Obama.  Psst….Obama’s the top of your ticket guys.  Keep the comparison’s coming.  You magnify McCain’s experience while you highlight debate about how your number one compares to the republican number two.  By the way, 20 months running Alaska trumps 100 some Senate session by anyone’s measure.

Might as well call her sweety.  The bristling bitterness seeps out of every story against Palin.  McCain picked her for a variety reasons, the most important of which is the trap the democrats fell in.  They showed their true colors, elitist, beltway, insiders, preaching the same old tired ideas.


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