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Israel Will Force a Solution.

The below piece is a different recommendation then what we normally get about the status of the so called “Palestinian” issue.  So called because there is no such thing as a “Palestinian.”  They have no distinct culture, language, or history that sets them apart from the Arab Muslim invaders they owe their lineage to.  Ask how many Palestinian Nobel Prize winners there have ever been, or how many olypmic medals a Palestinian has won, or books written (other than Jews are Pigs and Go Islamism) and you’ll find the answer has to be rounded down to zero it is so small a figure.


Its high time the charade is lifted and a choice made:  Either pay them to relocate to Arab lands or live under Israeli overlordship, there is just no way these 2 can live as sovereign nations next to each other. 


“Palestinians” get along with no one quite frankly, even each other.  Hamas and Fatah set about killing each other immediately in fact.  Furthermore, if you are a “Palestinian” and you are Christian or make favorable comments about Israelis, it is almost certain your life expectancy will not be long lived, since these are some of the most “tolerant” folks on earth…NOT.


And it doesn’t end with killing Jews and other “Palestinians”, they are also pretty good at killing other Muslims and Arabs as well.  The PLO tried everything in its power to kill Jordanians and Lebanese when they were guests in those lands, and they like to murder Druze and Shiites as well.


Remember, they danced in the streets when 9/11 happened, and were happy when Saddam invaded Kuwait.


I cannot even think of a “people” that have done so little good for mankind other than killing those who do not bow down to their mantra (even each other)….clearly, living side-by-side with a barbaric “people” like that is a no go; it is not in Israel’s national interest to allow such a state to exist.


Thus the below recommendation.  Pretty interesting take.


Arab intransigence Will lead to a Jewish one-state solution



  1. August 29, 2008 at 7:13 am

    LOL That a wonderful solution, though one the Jewry in Israel flat out refused to consider since it would end up violating the para-theocratic nature of the creation of Israel. Israeli Jews won’t tolerate non-Jews – especially Muslims – becoming a majority population, or even a large minority population.

  2. August 29, 2008 at 11:02 am

    Remember, they danced in the streets when 9/11 happened..

    This generalization is clearly intended to dehumanize the Palestinians and justify the Apartheid state called Israel, actions against the indigenous people of the land. As Hunt Tooley, a history teacher in Austin College, wrote:

    So there is reason to expect celebration, especially since the masses, not the educated elites, are the most likely to be affected by passionate anti-Americanism.

    Yet a sweep through Middle Eastern news sources, made possible by the Internet, tells a very different story. As most US papers have reported, all Middle Eastern regimes except Iraq and Afghanistan have made official pronouncements condemning the attacks and offering sympathy and aid of some kind (see the Fox News report summarizing official reactions around the world). In Palestine, Yasser Arafat was the first national leader in the world to utter condolences, and he ordered Palestinian schools to observe remembrance services for what he called “terrible acts.” Some of these positive pronouncements also add, however, that United States should reevaluate its policy in the Middle East, particularly toward Palestine and Iraq. On the other side of the coin, an Afghani government spokesman initially offered sympathy on the day of the attack, but the Taliban government – clearly now at least part of the intended target for retaliation – has now become more confrontational.

    Religious authorities throughout the Middle East have likewise condemned these acts as “un-Islamic.”

    Reference: http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig2/tooley1.html

    And what about the Israelis who danced in the streets of New York?

    What’s more as the NYPD stopped for a look at the truck, two men were seen fleeing from it and were apprehended by the police. To the writer’s knowledge and mine, no one ever reported this bizarre event. When I wrote back, questioning if he knew anything more about the two men, or how did the police know it was a “remote-controlled” airplane painted on the big truck,” he wrote back . . .

    “Unfortunately, I don’t know any more details about the King St. incident, but the radio transmissions don’t lie. When you consider the story of the five dancing Israelis and the truck loaded with explosives caught near the GW bridge, it becomes obvious that this incident was also covered up. By the way, these were police, not firemen who caught these two suspects, in my estimation.

    Source (among many): http://onlinejournal.com/artman/publish/article_3672.shtml

    But I do agree with one statement with a minor modification, since history stands witness:

    I cannot even think of a “people” that have done so little good for mankind other than killing those who do not bow down to their mantra (even each other)….clearly, living side-by-side with a barbaric “people” like that is a no go; it is not in Palestinians’ national interest to allow such [an Apartheid] state to exist.


  3. August 30, 2008 at 7:22 am

    Posted for Filvis for Jonolan:


    If they hope to have a chance at survivial, they cannot. But it isn’t even the Israelis that need be concerned about this, it is every freedom loving nation should not allow a majority, or even a significant, politically altering minority representation. We already see what a tiny minorty can demand: Schools with basins to wash feet, signs that point to Mecca, even the Brits are not allowed to display dogs in a poster because they are unclean, much less “Piggy Banks.”

    No, it is not just the Jews that are in jeapordy of losing their identitites…it is all of us…


  4. August 30, 2008 at 7:24 am

    Posted for Filvis to attendingtheworld:

    I find it rather amusing that instead of explaining why Palestinians kill each other, kill other Muslims, kill Jews, and praise the attacks of 9/11, instead the critic finds 5 Israelis who also danced. I know of many liberals in America who danced as well, Ward Churchill being one of them, but he certainly was no representative of our great nation.

    That disgusting attempt at misdirection will not fly. As a Palestinian apologist, answer the criticism instead of pointing at others; of course, I’m not surprised you find some way to pin the blame on Jews.
    What else is new to your worldview?

    5 Israelis dance in the streets and that somehow means Israel is anti-American? Puhleeassee. Check out the UN vote record, you’ll find Israel votes about 95% of the time with America, while our friends in the Middle East equate to perhaps 10%, IF that.

    Dehumanize a made-up ethnicity? That is absolutely rich. We don’t refer to Palestinians as apes and pigs. We don’t brandish swords at a Mosque and proclaim that even the rock will signal out the Jew for beheading sir. We don’t make the claim that a non Muslim is unclean to even touch the Koran. Think I’m lying? In the UAE, at Carrefour, there is a sign displayed over by the “Holy” Korans which reads: “Non Muslims, please do not touch the Holy Koran.” Dehumanize? Gimme a break!

    You want references, I have many:

    “Obsession:20 Radical Islam’s War Against the West” (DVD)
    “Islam: What the West Needs to Know” (DVD)

    “Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America” by Brigitt Gabriel. Dehumanize you say? She is a Lebanese Maronite Christian who was a witness to the what the PLO did to her nation, and her family for the crime of being Christian; indiscriminately killing non Muslims and destroying a once great land, the pride of the Middle East. War came to Lebanon because they invited those Barbarians into their land. A mistake that no other nation state had better ever make, including Israel.

    Do not even proclaim that Yassir “Murderer” Arafat gave a rat’s behind for America. He did not, except to help himself to the billions sent to him in aid. The foto op where he was donating blood was faked, he gave not one ounce. And that still does not wipe out the fact that HUNDREDs if not THOUSANDS danced for joy, SHRILLING that America had been attacked.

    And, unless you sir have actually BEEN to Afghanistan, please do not even dictate to me how they reacted or what they think, since I have literally spent almost 3 years of my life in Afghanistan, I might have a clue about where they are coming from. I can tell you from first hand sources that they HATE the Taliban. They also happen to hate Arabs far more than Jews.

    You dare call Israel “Apartheid?” You have absolutely no clue about the Middle East, whatsoever. I KNOW Israeli Arabs personally. I also happen to know that Arabs serve in the Knesset. I also know that Arab citizens of Israel VOTE for government and outside of Iraq, Turkey, and Afghanistan, they are the only Muslims in the greater Middle East that even has a RIGHT to vote.

    Apartheid? Right of return? Why not start with returning the Middle East from the ones who were originally disenfranchised by the murderous Muslim invaders? The Byzantine Christians and the Persian Zoroastrians.

    History? You know nothing of it…


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