Joe Biden

They say Joe Biden was a good pick because of his experience in the Senate and his foreign policy acumen.  Not so.


Joe Bidens has been on the wrong side of history at every stage of his “so called” foreign policy expertise.  Certainly, his dedication to government’s number 1 job of defending our country reflects cluelessness to the point of negligence, but his position on almost anything national defense and foreign policy related has been wrong, wrong, wrong.


He also happens to have been wrong about judicial confirmations as well.


He, like his inexperienced superior, BHO, were both against the surge. 

Had we followed Joe Biden’s “expert” opinion, Iraq would be a chaotic mess with al Qaeda running the show.  Iraqis would be embroiled in a bloodbath and we most assuredly would be pulling out.  The country would no longer be an ally, but would have been a bastion of anti-America insurgencies the world over.


Good job Biden.


Let us not forget the hell he put our country through in the early 1990s when he forced upon us all the drama of the unsubstantiated accusations made by the snake oil mistress Anita Hill and the attempt to destroy a good man.


Job Biden the plagiarist doesn’t deserve to lick the soles of Clarence Thomas’ shoes much less what he tried to do 18 years ago.  Because of Anita Hill, our country has been saddled with ridiculous “sexual harassment” laws which stipulate that those in  a position of power (boss) cannot even make an attempt to date or become involved with a subordinate.  Of course, this only applies to the private sector and the US military, Congress certainly is immune and so too are Democrat Presidents, not to belabor the point.


Biden’s foreign policy is just as daft.  He supported Clinton’s decision to attack the Christian nation of Serbia and embroiled our forces in a air war only that led us down a path whereby Russia was compelled to answer and the hapless Georgians were the victims.  Kosovo/Serbia was a conflict that had nothing at all to do with our national interest.  While al Qaeda and Saddam were launching attacks and acts of war against our nation throughout the 1990s, Joe Biden felt that Serbia was the greater threat.


Finally, Biden has been known to support the ridiculous claim that “Iraq didn’t attack us” mantra.  Putting aside the fact that Saddam did indeed commit numerous acts of war against America (one SAM missile fired at our pilots Mr POS Biden is INDEED considered an attack…you look any fighter pilot in the eye and tell them otherwise you miserable plagiarizing BHO sycophant).  But even if we’re to adopt that clueless foreign policy position, then we owe an awful lot of apologies to the following rulers who also did not attack us:


Kaiser Wilhelm

Adolf Hitler

Kim Il Sung

Ho Chi Minh

Slobodan Milosevic


Yes Mister “foreign policy expert” lying Senator from mighty Delaware, no one above attacked us, yet the Democrat presidents at the time pushed our nation into bloody wars against these folks, the cost to our GDP far exceeded what the Iraq war costs us today.  You’ll note that the war Biden himself supported against Milosevic was also one in which Serbian never attacked us.


Joe Biden an expert?  If that’s the case, then Jimmy Carter was the Jedi Master of foreign policy.



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