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An exercise in ignorance.


Can he be this ignorant?  Can he be this clueless?

Yesterday, in an effort to legitimize his position on negotiating with Iran, Obama described the radical Islamic state as “tiny.”  Obama pointed out that Iran spends about 1 percent of the US military budget and therefore is not as big of a threat as the Soviet Union was and by gosh we talked to them. 

It is not the amount of money you spend but how you spend it.  Al Qaeda proved that point when it flew planes into our towers, spending very little money.  Iran is proving that point by backing Hammas and Hezbollah.  It is willing to utilize terrorist groups to fight a proxy battle against the US.  

On the surface, this is not much different then the proxy wars fought between the US and USSR.  Look beyond the surface.  We are dealing with groups willing to kill the innocent, the child, the harmless non-combatant.   We are dealing with those willing to strap a bomb to their chest and kill a group of pre-school children.  They are not fighting for politics but for a religion.  They are not killing YOU because you represent a tactical threat.   They are killing YOU because you are a non-believer.  Not in the name of freedom, but in the name of oppression.

As a nuclear power, Iran will not be as interested as the Soviet Union was in self preservation. 

Theres a difference between political ideology and radical religious zealots.  One you can reason with, the other not so much.

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