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Yet another terrorist linking to Obama.

Frontpage posted this story originally.

Hatem El-Hady was a fundraiser for Kindhearts, an organization closed down for terrorist fund raising in early 2006.  The organization was lending support to Hamas in the West Bank and in Lebanon.  This link is to the press release from the US Treasury about actions taken against them due to their associations.

El-Hady was questioned regarding a possible link to the terrorists responsible for a UK bomb plot.  Trust me, if they were talking to him the link was more then a guess.

El-Hady has his own personal web space on Barracks page.  Realizing it may be difficult for the Obama camp to control who opens up a web space on their site, it is more relevant to look at why an individual such as El-Hady would be attracted to Obama as a candidate.  I would be interested in Obama’s reaction to El-Hady’s apparent endorsement.  Obamites and others sucked into his aura, probably don’t think a terrorist fundraisers endorsement is a significant enough event to ask a question on.  We need to spend that time wondering about McCain’s age.

Click the link to the Frontpage story.

UPDATE:  LGF reports Michelle Obama, listed as a friend on Hatem’s web page, has been removed from the “friend” list.  NOW, the web page has been deleted.


  1. Bob
    April 25, 2008 at 4:07 am

    There are approximately 500,000 people who have opened personal Obama web pages using his master site format. This individual in question shows himself and some other friend named Rick on his personal Obama site and between them it states they have contributed a whopping $60 to his campaign. Really sounds like a case for Homeland Security and the FBI to get hot on. We’re talkin some big bucks here. Ask McCain and/or Clinton is they are personally aware of every individual who gave such an enormous sum to support their campaign, although every dollar helps. Lets do some checking into all those who may have contributed to Clinton and McCain’s election campaign and see if we can find any unsavory characters in that batch. With the antics of Limbaugh encouraging his neo-con radio show audience to intentionally change their voter registration from Republican to Democrat and vote specifically for Clinton in the Pa. Primary, nothing surprises me with this nefarious, lowlife scurge. I wouldn’t put it past these people, including Boortz and Hannity and their minions to perhaps being behind creating a personal Obama web page in ElHady’s name just to sabotage Obama’s name. These are people who absolutely have zero ethics when it comes to fair play. All mouth; no action or personal character and in my opinion, thats the rest of the story….

  2. April 25, 2008 at 6:56 am

    I agree, there is probably little control the Obama camp has with who joins there web site. I would be more interested in what Obama thought about this individual joining his group. Hamas has compared Obama to JFK, South American terrorist groups have endorsed Obama. WHY? Why do these groups gravitate to Obama? What does Obama think about it.

    I have no doubt “unsavory” characters have contributed to all the campaigns. Obama’s decision to associate with individuals like Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers calls into question his judgment. McCain should be subjected to the same scrutiny. I believe McCain has rejected endorsements from unsavory elements???? I can not be sure.

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