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Obama Camp Caught In a Bold Face Lie

Given the psychotic cult like worship of his supporters I doubt it will make a difference.  I also doubt the media will give this any play.  We will see more of this if Obama continues talking out both sides of his mouth.


Obama in his debate with Hillary, claimed he would overturn NAFTA.  CTV a Canadian television station, claimed a senior official from the Obama camp called the Canadian Government and insisted this was just election year politics and Obama would not overturn NAFTA.  If this conversation occurred, you could call into question Obama’s sincerity.  Obama’s camp continued to deny the conversation.  Now they are quiet.

CTV has produced the time line and the individual with which the conversation took place.  Mr. Austin Goolsbee is the senior economic adviser for Obama.  He apparently called the Canadian Consulate in Chicago and made the statement.

Why the double talk?  Overturning NAFTA could have a VERY negative impact on our oil supply.  Most of our oil comes from Canada.  As I understand it, NAFTA requires Canada to sell oil to us first without cutting off the supply.  Canada’s response to an overturning of NAFTA would allow them to sell their oil to the highest bidder (China) instead of the United States. 

Obama’s and Hillary’s stance on NAFTA was red meat for Ohio. 


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