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Hillary Losses Her Mind

Wow.  She puts a photo like this out?  Way out of bounds Mrs. Clinton.


Yet, she herself has participated in the same efforts of cultural sensitivity.  Clearly, she was trying to spark subconscious and overt feelings of racism to push people her way.

Clinton in Head Scarf 

B. Clinton in traditional dress

How about asking questions about his record, his associations and his conduct as a politician?  Maybe something about his policies and what he plans on doing as President?  If you want drama, you could ask him about his feelings about the Weather Underground and if his appearance on a panel implied sympathy for their political agenda?   Why has he not distanced himself from the group?   How does he feel about the past actions of the group?  How does he feel about Dohrn and Ayres?  Good god, ask him about something he actually did rather then what he wore at a cultural event.

There was no need to push a picture like this knowing it meant nothing yet hoping it brought out the hidden racist.

  1. February 25, 2008 at 12:59 pm

    More Nobama dirty politics. Where is the email. Is this like when Nobama floated the story in SC that Hillary was behind the Muslin story. Nobama is just another George Bush, uniter, healer, un tested, and wants to bring change.

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