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4 Year Old On Marijuana

The parents have been charged.  The story is in the Omaha World Herald.  With a ton of luck the children can be salvaged.  Typically, kids coming out of this type of environment don’t do well in life. 

The girl sat down, told investigators she smokes pot and, using a pen, demonstrated how she does it — just like her mom.

The girl is 4.

Now, her mother, Lisa Schuchard, 25, is facing a felony child abuse charge — and a hearing on her parental rights — on allegations that she taught, and encouraged, her daughter to smoke marijuana.

Schuchard has pleaded not guilty and is in the Douglas County Jail. Her attorney, Douglas County Assistant Public Defender Doug Johnson, said he couldn’t comment because he hasn’t had a chance to speak with Schuchard in depth.

According to police and court reports:

Someone called Child Protective Services to complain that Schuchard’s 4-year-old girl and 2-year-old boy were filthy dirty and that drug paraphernalia was strewn about Schuchard’s home near 34th and Hamilton Streets. The caller also complained that the kids were forced to sleep a lot — and that Schuchard and her live-in boyfriend, Christopher Gladden, were “always sleeping.”

On Feb. 12, Omaha police went to the home and found the children within reach of drug paraphernalia.

They also found a large bruise on the 4-year-old’s right cheek and several bruises on her buttocks and upper legs.

The girl told police that Gladden hit her repeatedly with a belt — and slammed a door in her face, causing the knob to bruise her cheek.

The 4-year-old then gave this account of the marijuana use to detectives, according to police and court reports:

She described Schuchard and Gladden, 23, smoking “joints.”

The 4-year-old said joints are brown and have green “weed” inside. She said weed also can be smoked from a bong and a pipe.

The 4-year-old then “demonstrated (very well) how she smokes from a ‘joint,’ ‘bong’ and ‘pipe’ during the interview,” an Omaha police detective wrote. “She said that her mother and Chris give both her and her brother the weed to smoke.

“(She) said that she smokes in front of her mom and Chris’ friends and that they laugh when she smokes.”

Police have no evidence the 2-year-old boy actually used marijuana, but both he and his sister have been placed in foster care.

Authorities have scheduled a medical exam in which they plan to test the girl’s hair follicles for the presence of marijuana.

An initial hearing on the mother’s parental rights is next week.

Before the girl told of her marijuana use, Schuchard and Gladden had been charged with misdemeanor child abuse.

Gladden immediately pleaded guilty to four misdemeanor counts — and was sentenced to six months in jail.

Deputy Douglas County Attorney Steve Gabrial said prosecutors cannot increase his charges to felonies because it would constitute double jeopardy.

However, Shuchard now is charged with a felony. If convicted, she faces up to five years in prison.

Gabrial, who has specialized in child abuse prosecutions for the past five years, said he has seen cases of children ingesting their parents’ drugs — typically, their pills.

But rarely on purpose, he said, and never this young.

  1. February 24, 2008 at 2:53 am

    hahaha such a funny story and ironic. 😦

  1. February 28, 2008 at 8:13 am

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