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Vodkapundit Open Letter

I love this.  Not to worry, Huckabee can’t pull from the same group of voters as he moves through the states.  The structure of the Iowa caucus set up the Huckabee win.   It should be hard to repeat throughout the country…crosses fingers, closes eyes, makes deal with the devil..   Only Iowa and a few select others, are so screwed up to think Huckabee is the answer.  In a few months my hope is we will have another front runner. 

*looks at the field of republican candidates*

I think I’m going to be sick…..


An Open Letter
Posted by Stephen Green  ·   3 January 2008
Dear Iowa Republicans,I’ll put this in language even your tiny little Iowa brains can understand: What the f*** is wrong with you people?The news coming out of Des Moines (literally, French for “tell me about the rabbits, George”) tonight is distressing in the extreme. 32 years ago, your Democratic brethren took one look at Jimmy Carter — the worst 20th Century President bar Nixon, and the worst ex-President ever — and declared, “That’s our man!”

Three decades later, and along comes Mike Huckabee. Same moral pretentiousness, same gullibility on foreign affairs, only-slightly-less toothy idiot’s grin. Then you so-called Republicans took a look at Carter’s clone and said, “That’s our man, too!”

And by a pretty wide margin.

I’ll give you some credit where it’s due: you guys had sense enough to give Fred Thompson a breather, and Ron Paul a pretty solid kick in the (ahem) nuts. But Mike Huckabee? Really? We’ve seen this game before, and its name is… every other single stupid, un-winnable candidate you’ve ever picked — which is most of them.

So I repeat the question: What is wrong with you people?

All my love, you corn-sucking idiots,


PS You’re making Iowa Democrats look like Albert freakin’ Einstein. How’s that feel?

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