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Christmas a naughty word?

The word ”Christmas” is not allowed to be used for a room name, on the Webkinz website.  Call it political correctness gone mad. 

It is a harmless enough game.  Basically, you go to the store and buy a stuffed animal that has a special code.  You take your purchase home and enter the code on the webkinz site and there you are.  You can then manipulate your furry friend on-line, playing games, providing basic care, building rooms to play in and participating in all sorts of fun activities. 

While you play you earn webkinz cash by winning games or doing “jobs” on-line.  With the money you can purchase additional rooms, furniture and clothes for your animal. 

My daughter wanted to call her new room “Christmas Room.”  Not an option.  A pop up advises that “Oops, you used a word that is not allowed.”  Holiday room is allowed.   You can purchase a “holiday dress” and a “Christmas tree.”  I expect somebody was asleep at the switch when the tree was added to the product line.

In fairness, Jihad room and Fatwa room are also banned. Shoved in the closet with radical Jihad is Christmas.  Wow, talk about a rough room.  My 10 year old daughter turned to me and stated, “They think Christmas is a bad word.”  What do you say to that?

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  1. Joe Anonymous
    May 19, 2008 at 8:27 am

    This continues to be a major flaw in the way Webkinz handles things. They have a very limited list of names that you can use. It’s not just proper names that are banned, it’s ANYTHING that is not on their list. Until recently, I was able to get around it by naming the room after the pet TYPE (not the pet’s name). That is, I could have a room named ‘google’s room’ or ‘spotted frog’s room’, but not ‘Fluffy’s room’. I learned today that even this doesn’t work. For example, my daughter has a grey arabian Webkinz, but I can’t name the room ‘Grey Arabian’s room’. I had to settle for ‘grey horse’s room’. Webkinz customer support is worthless. If you even get an answer from them at all, their response is ‘that’s the way it’s supposed to work.’ Maybe if a million people write to them at support@webkinz.com they’ll allow reasonable naming of rooms.

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