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Sex for the disabled


Somehow I do not see the Red Cross picking up this crusade.

Sex for the disabled

A Swiss welfare group is recruiting volunteers to have sex with disabled people.

The Basel-based Welfare Group for Disability and Sexuality already arranges erotic massages for people with disabilities.

But it is now providing full sexual intercourse and is also signing up gay volunteers to have sex with homosexual disabled people.

The group’s leader Aiha Zemp said it was a subject that “needed to be tackled.”

She said: “It’s a big taboo that needs to be broken. Having sex is a basic human need like eating and drinking and we have to fight for this right for the disabled.”

At present three men and one woman offer an erotic ‘touching service,’ and nine new volunteers have come forward to offer sex at £65 per hour.

Among the new recruits are four men, two of them homosexuals.

Zemp rejected criticism that the group were simply training up prostitutes.

“The big difference between the assistants and prostitutes is that the assistants show tenderness and are conscious of the needs of the disabled, rather than rushing and just taking the money,” she said.


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