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Islamic Rage Boy II

Islamic Rage Boy has become the stuff internet heros are made of.  He was first mentioned by myself months ago.  I believe I saw him on “hotair” or “LGF” and shamelessly re-posted. 

A reported for the “Daily Mail” tracked down our hero.  The information is enlightening but not surprising.  Many radical jihadists have followed the same path as Rage Boy.  His story makes him seem more “human.” 

Individuals with radical ideas can be painted with a sympathetic light when examining the reasons why they may hold certain unpopular beliefs.  This background should never be used to excuse ignorance.  There are many with a similar background who have not fallen to a radical theology. 

Rage Boy is not so different.  He states he hates what happened on 911 but believes the US government carried out the attacks.  With his background, it is easy to fall into this belief.  Most of his actions are steered to correcting local injustice.  

Rage Boy not so rageing

Feel rage boy’s pain, but understand you are looking at the roots of a radical agenda which would kill you, your children and your loved ones in the name of “Allah.”  Luckily for Rage Boy, he has taken the path of well intentioned ignorance.   Others exposed to this type of culture could easily take a more radical path.

Daily Mail Story.

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