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The Clinton Letter

Tim Russert has been bashed by Clinton for misrepresenting a letter he wrote to the National Archives asking for documents to be held until 2013.  (Russert stated 2012 but the date is 2013)  Russert asked for documents of correspondence between Mr. and Mrs. Clinton.   Clinton shot back, stating the question was not fair since he sent a letter in 2002 trying to speed up the release of documents.  Watching Clinton, you would assume he was talking about the documents in question.  He is counting on that assumption.

The truth.

Clinton asked the National Archives to seal all correspondence from his office until 2013.  In 2002, Clinton wrote a letter asking that some documents be released before the 2013 date.  In the 2002 letter Clinton SPECIFICALLY stated correspondence between himself and the first lady not to be included in this exemption.

So much for speeding things up.  This is classic Clintonian politics.  State the truth as it relates to a different context for a situation it does not apply to.  Sure, Clinton asked the Archives to speed things up but, NOT for his communication letter with the first lady. 

Of course the main stream media is letting this pass.  Any fool can see the truth.  Agenda’s are preventing it from being told.

Video of Clinton claiming Letter asks to speed up release of documents.  You can also see the debate video at the same location.

 This is a good breakdown of the story.

Clinton 2002 Letter

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