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Hillary Clinton

A sex scandal story is about to break.  I am guessing Hillary will be revealed as a lesbian.  It is something everybody knows but nobody talks about.  There was the whole Markie Post incident that started the speculation.  Allegedly, a secret service agent caught them “in the act.” 

Mrs Clinton should be nicer to those around her.  They might be more willing to keep her secrets.

Why is this a story?  It reveals the true personality of the individual.  It has nothing to do with her being a lesbian.  It has everything to do with her and her husband looking the American people squarely in the eye and claiming their marriage is anything  but a farce.  The parade of bimbos in and out of Mr. Clinton’s bedroom since he left office is impressive.  You could probably have a very good NFL cheer-leading squad if you put them all together.

If the story is about her, then we will undoubtedly go through the debate, “Yes it is a lie but it is a lie about sex so who cares.” 

If you are willing to lie for a political gain or to shield yourself from a perceived negative you will use the tactic for more serious issues.


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