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Terrorism Works.

Doonesbury creates a cartoon.  As you can see there is a “joke” against Islam.  The papers refused to publish the cartoon.  Some said it was because of the “slightly stronger sexual humor.”

db image

With Danish cartoonist still in hiding it would be a safe bet that the real motivation is a desire not to offend the Muslim population.  Their actions and statements show the true motivation.   There is no attempt to hide their concern.  They do not see the hypocrisy or pitfalls of the method in which they choose to handle their decision of censorship.

“Muslim Experts” were consulted to see if the cartoon would offend.  They said it would probably be “ok.”  I guess that was not good enough to ease their concerns.  I wonder if they would have taken the same steps if the targets of Doonesbury were a bus load of nuns?

Hot Air has a good rundown.  Once again, those that claim they fight for the first amendment everyday use censorship to ease that uncomfortable gut reaction.   The lesson: Terrorism works.

This little ditty showed up on Fox News today.


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