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Mall Bombing Plot

There is debate about soft targets as the focus of the next terror attack.  Shopping Malls would make an excellent target.  Several plots have been discovered involving Malls as a target.  Counterterrorism blog gives an excellent run down.

NEFA Series “Target America”: The Columbus Mall Plot

By Evan Kohlmann

On the heels of the foiled plots targeting Fort Dix and JFK Airport, the Nine Eleven Finding Answers (NEFA) Foundation announces the release of the ninth in a series of reports examining the multitude of threats directed at the United States since 9/11. This week’s report focuses on the plot to attack a Columbus, Ohio area shopping mall. Earlier this week, Nuradin Abdi, a Somali national living in Columbus, admitted his involvement in a cell that included Iyman Faris, currently serving 20 years in prison for assessing targets on behalf of 9/11 planner Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and Christopher Paul, indicted in April 2007 for plotting against European resorts and U.S. government facilities. Abdi told FBI agents that his group was “willing to conduct acts of violence in the United States.”

This week (Aug. 3, 2007): The Columbus Mall Plot

7/23/2007: KSM’s Brooklyn Bridge Plot
7/16/2007: Hamas’ Operations in North America
7/9/2007: Irhaby007’s American Connections
6/25/2007: The PATH Tunnel Plot
6/18/2007: The East Coast Buildings Plot
6/11/2007: The Illinois Shopping Mall Plot
6/4/2007: The L.A. Plot to Attack U.S. Military and Jewish Targets
6/4/2007: Miami Plot to Bomb Federal Buildings and the Sears Tower


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