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Digital Daze Top 50 Web Sites

Digital Daze has come up with a top 50 web site list.  Worth a look and guaranteed you will see some sites that you never knew about.  Story pasted below:  Link to site.

In recent years, we have seen an explosion of creativity online – as technology becomes more accessible, and download speeds increase, so more and more artists, designers, writers and photographers have taken to the web. But which of them are really worth your time?

In the July issue of Dazed & Confused, we plunged into the web’s murky depths, sifting through the dregs of self-obsessed bloggery, blinking GIFs and miasma of MySpace messages, to uncover the 50 individuals and groups behind the most eye-popping, mind-blowing creative endeavours on the web today.

But that’s only what we and our global network of contributors think. Now, we’re inviting you to get your hands dirty, and vote for your favourites – the results of which we’ll be printing in Dazed later this year. Dazed Digital is an Idea Sharing Network, where your thoughts, ideas and opinions are as important as anybody else’s. Don’t like these 50? Suggest your own – email us at info@dazeddigital.com.

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