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Windows Vista

I install a logitech quick cam on my windows vista laptop.  Of course, the only software available is windows XP.   The install goes fine and of course, the software does not work.  Uninstalling through the windows interface does not work.  Hmmm…

Even more frustrating, now I can not browse my hard drive.  Every-time I attempt to view the hard drive I get cryptic error messages about missing logitech .dll files.  One by one I restore the .dll files from the recycle bin.  I am stuck with logitech icons in my control panel and logitech .dll files spread throughout my hard drive like spilled M&M’s.  The computer itself is running like a stuffed pig.

The solution.  Your Uninstaller 2006.  Made to work with Vista.  Props.

I never got to the windows knowledge base options.  Those are listed here.

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